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Catching up

It appears that I am really bad at keeping up on this blog, so here I am a year later trying to make amends. I will do my best to make this over load of information cohesive and pleasant. Enjoy!

Easter 2011
Chris & Lindsay! Love these 2. So excited they
are getting married Aug '12
 Adorable preggers Whitney
 Family picture time!

 Alivia LOVES her Nana and Papa
 Having fun finding Easter eggs
One for each hand!

More random Spring pics
 Love her cheese face!

 She is daddy's little buddy, and clone!
First spaghetti experience! Loved it

Summer '11
Living in St. George, our favorite things to do in the summer are outside in the beautiful  surroundings just minutes from our house. We are so lucky to be able to enjoy such amazing natural sights, everyday, right in our own back yard.

Gunlock Hike

Eating some lunch by the water falls

We could not get her out of the water and it was freezing!

Whenever we drive through Santa Clara in the summer, we have to stop here.
They have the best local fruits and veggies.
"If you hie to Kolob."
Kolob Resevoir

I couldn't help but stop and take pictures in this field of flowers.

Boating with the Drury's
Tiffany and I
Alivia and Andie

So much fun and sun can really wear you out!

These girls just love to play!
Fall '11
Nate and Jessica's wedding
Boys at the wedding dinner

Girls at the wedding dinner

Handsome Groomsmen

Alivia and Taiya just ran...

..and played..

until they couldn't anymore!

Random Fall pics
One night at bath time,  I noticed some odd red splotches on Alivia's back. They cam out of nowhere so I was concerned something was wrong. She didn't have a fever and didn't seem to have any "sick" symptoms, so I decided to see how they looked in the morning.

The next day, she had a slight fever in the morning but refused to take any medicine. She kept spitting it out. I could tell that something was wrong, so I made an appointment to see the pediatrician later that day. By the time we got to the doctors office, she had a fever of 102! But with out any other symptoms, and no sign of an ear infection, the doctor told us to get Tylenol and Motrin and give that to her until the fever came down. So I sent Bryan to the store and I proceeded to drive straight home. When I pulled into the drive way I glanced over my shoulder to see Alivia having a seizure in her car seat!!! I barely had enough whits to put the car in park before I jumped in the back seat and called 911.
 It was the worst sight. She was twitching, her lips were blue, her eyes were rolled up in her head, and she was completely unresponsive. The operator told me it was ok to remove her from her car seat and take her inside the house. I did so and laid her on the couch. By this time, my dear neighbor heard my screaming and cam over to assist me. He called Bryan and told him what was happening as well waited outside to let the paramedics in. When the seizure stopped, I kept waiting for Alivia to look and me and cry or want to be held, or do something normal, but she was not herself. I truly thought at this point I had lost my daughter forever and that she would never be the same.  The paramedics strapped her down, took her temperature, which now was 104.6,  so they took her in the ambulance to the E.R.  During the ride over, she started looking around and seemed to be coming back around.

 By the time we got to the hospital, all she wanted me to do was hold her and it was such a relief to see my baby girl become herself again. I can't explain the aching in my heart to see my child going through something that I, as her mom, had no control over. They ran a munch of test that all came back negative.  We still are not sure what caused the fever , but with a little medicine, she was ready to eat a popsicle before we left the hospital. She was such a tough girl. We found out later that she had what was called a "febral seizure" and they are very common among children up to age 6.  So now every time she has the slightest fever, we are extra cautious to get it taken care of. I never want to have to go through that again!
More and More like daddy!

She loves playing at the park

Especially the slides

My sweet Tinkerbell

Alivia Loved the goats at Stahli's Farm

Saying hi to the cows with Dad.

First time trick-or-treating. She didn't quiet understand the point of
getting the candy and going to the next house.
In fact, she wanted to go inside every house, and was so sad
when we made her leave.

Eventually she was happy as long and she was holding her treats!

These 2 are just too cute.

Thanksgiving and Christmas
Love spending time with "Dampa"

He has cool stuff to play with.

Fun times playing with cousins Charlie and Garrett.

Nana's house always has the yummiest  food!
Making  ginger bread houses with Nana and Ali

Present time!

Yah for Elmo!!

She just adores her cousin Ronnie!

Cruise '12
We were fortunate enough to be able to go on a cruise this January with the Rodgers. We had such an amazing time!
Puerto Rico
Ferry from St. Thomas to St. Johns

Trunk Bay

Cruise ship fun!

Mini Golf
Never a dull moment with this crew

Hip Hip Hurray for lobster!

Our nightly dessert


Snorkeling with sea turtles

SO amazing
Enjoying the Caribbean sun.

Zip lining in St. Lucia

So fun to watch Bryan conquer his fear of heights!


Add caption
Wow these guys clean up nice!!
Beautiful Ladies

St. Maarten

Twinner swim suits.

Boys being Boys.

The only group shot!

So lucky that these two did this amazing vacation for us!

Jan-Mar '12
Bath time!

Silly girl loves to dress up.

Wearing mommy's shoes, and she walks in them pretty good!

Accessorized all by herself! 
Loving her "buddy" cousin Oliver

Careful, because when daddy is in charge,  kiddo gets a tattoo!

Can't believe my baby is 2! 

I have loved every minute of being this little girls momma!

And Bryan wouldn't know what to do without his mini-me! 

Proof that it does snow in St. George! 

Even if it is March, and it snowed for only 10 minutes..

..We loved it!

Spring has Sprung!


Silly girl kept yelling from the other room that she was stuck!
When we checked to see what was wrong, this is what we found.

Kite festival

New addition!
We are so excited to be adding a new member to our family! Baby BOY Rodgers is due sometime the end of June/first of July! It has been a completely different experience the 2nd go round. Not only was I horribly sick during my first trimester, but having a 2 year old to take care of, doesn't afford you as much time to soak up the fun part of pregnancy. I am lucky that I have such an amazing husband who continues to be patient and understanding of the ups and downs.

20 weeks. Half way!

25 weeks. 6 Months

29 weeks and feeling large!

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